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Stratford Inn Atlanta ★★

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Ubicación. Esta propiedad está cerca de Atlanta Atlanta Civic Center, Fox Theatre, y el Centennial Olympic Park. También se encuentra cerca Jimmy Carter Biblioteca y Museo y el Mundo de Coca Cola. Features.The propiedad ofrece servicios a las empresas. Estacionamiento de visitas es gratuito. La recepción está abierta en horario limitado. Dispone también de aparcamiento propio y un ascensor (elevador). Las habitaciones cuentan. Televisores están equipadas con canales de cable. Las habitaciones ofrecen teléfonos con correo de voz. Las habitaciones disponen de microondas y refrigeradores. Los baños cuentan con duchas. Otras comodidades incluyen control de clima, aire acondicionado, y ventanas que se abren. Además, se ofrece limpieza y servicios disponibles bajo petición incluyen llamadas de despertador.

Servicios del Stratford Inn Atlanta

  • Servicios
    Servicio de Lavandería (con costo adicional), Recepción 24 hrs., Seguridad 24hs, Sala de Reuniones
  • Generales
    Internet Wi-fi en zonas comunes Gratis, Ascensor

Condiciones de Compra del Stratford Inn Atlanta

  • Horario de entrada
    15:00 hs
  • Horario de salida
    12:00 hs
  • Condiciones
    Algunas restricciones aplican, ver detalle en la página de pago.
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Lucas Azevedo

01 feb 2013

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2.0 puntos

Meyosha W

02 feb 2014

After pulling up to the hotel and seeing live drug deals in progress, yeah we were not to thrilled. The blinds in the windows were raggedy and torn. It looked like the projects. There were jays in and around the building. I believe prostitutes resided there. It was to the point that we didn't want to take our bags out the car for the fear off being robbed. Staff was ghetto' it freaked off urine and marijuana. It seemed like a prison. This hotel is not a hotel but a nasty, ghetto housing project. Do not stay there. You will regret it and fear for your life.
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Jennifer M

20 nov 2013

This hotel needs to be updated, the pictures is false advertisement. The rooms are too small and the TV is old. The elevator is creepy scared it may stop one day. That place needs to be torn down and rebuilt. I wouldn't stay there. The people who stay there is homeless and have no where to go. They have security at the door and have to show ID when you go in and out the Hotel. Trap Trap Trap. I booked through espedia.com to be closer to down town Atlanta on Peachtree St. When me and my husband got to the hotel, we couldn't stay. We left and went to a nicer Motel and safer one.
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21 sep 2013

This place is disgusting and genuinely unsafe. It reeked of marijuana and most of the people that stay here are long term residents. We stayed at the stratford bc it was affordable and walking distance to the convention we were in Atlanta for. Well, 1.5 miles isn't very far, but the neighborhoods are too unsafe, so walking isnt an option. My husband and I seriously discussed paying a 24 hr parking fee in one of the garages downtown and just sleeping in our car. The room was gross, we slept on top of the sheets, and I washed up in the sink. There was a mysterious residue all over the walls that I swear was dried blood. We checked out early, and we were greeted in the parking lot by a group of thugs who were all sitting on my car! Not just resting against it, I mean literally sitting on the hood and trunk of my car. This was the worst and scariest hotel experience I've ever had.
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2.0 puntos

Darryl C

13 jul 2013

this is not a hotel its a trap house,that is thug and criminal ridden with the police knowing the reputation and the drug culture of this business,but do nothing about it whatsoever, ,city counsel and the mayors office also turns a blind eye,its sad,please trust me if you are tourist do not stay here,if you do your paying money to stay in a filthy death trap with employees as bad as the criminals,and i feel they work together to target their victims,this hotel should be shut down or cleaned up,red dog should raid the place and put the thugs in jail and the owner should be fined and liable for allowing these conditions to exist,its sad that in a city with a lot of good in it and good things happening,that they'd allow this kind of trash going on in the middle of the tourist district,i hope someone in our city Government will have the guts to do something about this disgusting embarrassment of a business over run by hoodrats!!! this owner should be in jail for his part in creating this environment and his entire staff fired,from management down,you couldn't pay me a 1000.00 a week to stay there much less pay them good money to tolerate the conditions they allow..... pissed off concerned citizen....
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19 mar 2013

Rat and Trap definitely describes this hole in the wall! I see from current customers nothing has changed at this Trick hotel! For the young lady wondering about the funny stuff left on the walls . She should have been there Summer 2012 for the "Elevator Wanker" DNA material all over the stainless steel walls of the interior of the elevator. I begged mgt to please clean the walls !!and had any of them rode the elevator in the last 2 weeks? The told me sure! I said you haven't seen all this snot looking material on the walls? They said sure! I was just dumbfounded! And as to the guest that thought they heard ' gun fire' you did! Last summer some sphincter's was shooting at each other in the hall! The cause of the allocation was drug related / Tranny related ! ( left 3 bullet holes in wall on 2 nd floor)the 2nd inside the hotel shooting occurred on the 1st floor courtyard hall entrance! 3rd outside to inside shooting some sphincter just miss "buying the farm"! By 6 or 8".the sphincter's that was persueing him shot at him apprx. 7or8 times! Shattering the right hotel entrance door! He was a lucky sphincter!another dope deal gone bad! I packed ! My PTSD couldn't take this place anymore ! Those Scandanavians scared "the derogatory word for having sex" out of me! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THESE POSTS, Better still check w/ APD for incident reports at this FLEA BAG !(that's if they'll give you one!):((
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Joy D

12 mar 2013

This was by far the most horrible, DISGUSTING place i have EVER stepped in. We booked one night and chose this hotel because it was close to the concert venue. The clerk put us in a room and when we walked in to the hallway to check it out, we were hit with the stench of urine throughout the whole hallway. The elevator hardly worked and had trash and probably urine on the floor. We got to our first room and discovered the bed linens were thrown all over the place, there was puke in the trashcan and 2 housekeeping carts pushed in. There was trash all over the floor and something terrible on the walls. Our second room wasn't much better but at least the bed had some kind of sheet. Our windows didn't lock and the AC units were both broken, there was still "weird" stuff smeared on the walls and in the toilets. We went to out only to return at 2 AM to our keys not unlocking our doors and the hotel having no record of us being in the second room THEY put us in. URINE is the only thing that c
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14 feb 2013

Good price especially for the weekly rental rate (see online), it is in a good location in downtown Atlanta but there is a small room and it is in a rough neighborhood at least for a few surrounding blocks . What more can I say to get the required number of characters?
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14 feb 2013

Good price especially for the weekly rental rate (see online), it is in a good location in downtown Atlanta but there is a small room and it is in a rough neighborhood at least for a few surrounding blocks . What more can I say to get the required number of characters?
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23 ene 2013

We stayed in this hotel in Aug'12. Location of this hotel is not central, but bus transport is good if you have done enough R&D. Hotel has value for money, but smells a lot. Moreover staff is not very good. They put me as a no show and charged me when I was actually staying in the hotel. It took a lot time to sort out.
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Stratford Inn Atlanta - 585 Parkway Drive Ne, Atlanta

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